Case Study #2: Situation Monitoring


Finding objective information –
the potential impact of an election

With operations generating over $50 million in annual revenue and over 100 employees located in the Netherlands, this client is concerned with protecting its people and assets in the country. So far, they have been lucky to avoid any disruptions due to security or environmental concerns, but the distance between their U.S. headquarters and the Netherlands has forced them to react to events rather than anticipating them.


How will the results of an election affect business?

An upcoming election is being touted in the media as critical to the future of the Netherlands. With one candidate promising to remove the Netherlands from the EU and renegotiate trade agreements, This client naturally is concerned about the impact the upcoming election could have on their operations. As the candidate grows in popularity and the days to the election shrink, this client is becoming increasingly concerned.


Custom Reporting From AGI

A Custom Report from Allume Global Intelligence will help our client proactively maneuver the events that affect its operations in the Netherlands. An AGI analyst will work with our client to determine the parameters of their questions and the appropriate duration and format for the information to be presented. Within an agreed time frame, AGI will present them a comprehensive, proprietary report answering all their questions with a number of likely scenarios vital for their short, medium, or long-range planning.

Custom Report

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Decision Making

Protecting Employees