Our Strategic Intelligence Reports (SIR) take a deeper look at the issues affecting the global business environment.

When your company needs country / region – specific information quickly, AGI’s Strategic Intelligence Reports (SIR) are available to provide accurate, timely information and analysis to assist with critical decision making.

Our strategic Intelligence Reports take a deeper look at the issues affecting the global business environment. Allume analysts are constantly monitoring global events for trends, incidents, and situations that will affect the global business environment. AGI’s Strategic Intelligence Reports are updated regularly and offer critical, analytical insights into the global events that shape how your company operates in the global economy.

SIR reports will augment your company’s decision making process. Whether you’re investigating South Africa’s economy for potential expansion, or deciding what the current political climate is like in Malaysia, AGI’s Strategic Intelligence Reports are available quickly; usually within 72 from your order.

SIR reports come in two distinct formats: Risk Assessments and Forecasts.

Risk Assessments

AGI’s comprehensive risk assessments analyze and evaluate the level of risk presented by a specific category. By ranking the level of risk on a scale between 1-5 (where 5 represents an extreme risk), we offer you a quick way to identify potential problem areas in a country. Each ranking is followed by detailed analysis explaining why a category presents a risk and what the implications of said risk are to your business (assuming you are operating or planning on operating in that country / region). Read below for a detailed description of each of our seven risk assessment categories:


Geopolitical risk assesses how foreign policy and international relations affect the stability of business operations. Does the country maintain friendly relations, or is the country at odds with its neighbors? Is the country party to disputes with other countries that could affect its stability? What is the country’s position in the world?


Political risk assesses how a country’s domestic politics affect business operations. Are elections smooth affairs, or are they disruptive? How does the country handle the transition of power? Does the current leadership have popular legitimacy, or is its authority being openly contested?


Security risk is an assessment of the safety of a country for both individuals and companies. Are there ongoing insurgencies or an increased risk of terror attacks? How safe are tourists and business travelers and are there any specific areas to avoid? How safe is it for individuals to travel in the country / region.


Environmental risk assesses how a country’s physical environment contributes to a country’s safety. Are there active environmental risks such as earthquakes or seasonal weather related risks? What is the overall quality of the air and water? What are the risks of active epidemics or disease outbreaks?


Legal risks are assessed to determine the level of legal protection available to a company operating in the country (AGI is not a law firm and offers no legal advice. Our legal assessment is general in nature and only intended to offer a broad view). Can a foreign firm bring cases to court in the country? What level of intellectual property protection does a foreign firm have? What international legal treaties and conventions is the country a party to?


Logistical risk assesses the ease at which products are shipped in and out of the country. What is the quality of the in-country transportation infrastructure? How connected is the country to neighboring countries, the region and the rest of the world?


Economic risk gauges the economic stability of a country with specific regard to business operations. What is the current status of the country’s GDP? What are the applicable tax laws for foreign firms? Are there any potential domestic legislation that could affect how a foreign firm operates in the country?


AGI’s economic forecasting cover three distinct areas:

Five Year Economic Forecast

A comprehensive forecast of the economic conditions. Some of the potential forecast areas include: gross domestic product (GDP), trade deficit/surplus, labor market outlook, manufacturing, housing market, income & wages, inflation, and currency strength.

Current GDP Forecast

An in-depth look at potential changes to the GDP.

Labor Market Snapshot & Two-Year Forecast

An insightful look at employment levels and the causes of current conditions, with a two-year projection of the status of the labor market.