PEGS: Political, Economic, Geopolitical, and Security Report

AGI’s weekly PEGS reports forecast developments in the top global Political, Economic, Geopolitical, and Security threats.

These reports take you beyond the headlines, providing you with a range of possible implications to assist in your company’s strategic planning.

Our general PEGS report covers the biggest events and threats across the globe, while our regional PEGS report takes a focused look at one of three regions: the Americas, Asia-Pacific, or Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Our PEGS reports will help you stay ahead of global events, helping you protect your employees and operations wherever they’re located.

ETA: Executive Travel Assessment

Our weekly Executive Travel Assessment (ETA) helps keep your international travelers and employees safe, healthy, and on time.

More than just a travel advisory, our ETA report minimizes business interruptions that reduce productivity.

Our weekly in-depth analysis keeps your company ahead of the top travel, health, environmental, and security concerns, allowing you to keep your time and energy focused on your company’s growth.

M3R: Monthly Regional Risk Report

Our Monthly Regional Risk Report or M3R helps you plan and anticipate for the month ahead. Organized by geographic region, AGI analysts present the top threats, situations, and events ranking each by the level of risk they present.

The M3R is meant to assist in mid-range planning by presenting the potential obstacles and hindrances to your business’s global operations. Our analysis is geared towards mitigating the impact these challenges could have on your day-to-day operations.

SIR: Strategic Intelligence Report

Allume Global Intelligence’s team of analysts offers a range of Strategic Intelligence Reports that take a deeper look at the issues affecting the global business environment.

Our complete country risk assessments give your company unique insight into country-specific operating conditions. Through the analysis and ranking of seven unique risk categories, you’ll have quick access to the top threats to your company’s operations. When your needs are more focused, each risk category is available as a stand-alone report.

Available within 72 hours from your order, AGI’s Strategic Intelligence Reports give you quick access to the facts and analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Custom Reporting

When your company identifies a potential risk or needs in-depth analysis on a highly specific issue, our team of analysts are available for custom reporting.

Our comprehensive report package includes a phone consultation with an Allume analyst to help determine how best to answer your company’s questions with a unique, proprietary report that will help your company make qualified, informed decisions.