Case Study #3: Protecting Employees


Monitoring in-country situation
for multiple countries

At any given time, this client has 20 or more individuals travelling across the globe. Moreover, each individual often travels to two or three different countries on a given trip. In addition, the company employs a number of expats in each its ten international sales offices. The day-to-day operations of its employees make it difficult to keep tabs on what’s happening in each country an employee is located in, or visiting, on a regular basis.


How to protect travelers and prevent
interruptions to normal operations

The company has heard from its traveling staff that, on occasion, they’ve entered countries at inopportune times. One traveler complained of massive protests that shut down the main downtown area which happened to house the office he needed to visit; another complained of not knowing of a government holiday that put much of the country on vacation for two of the three days she was in the country for business. Still another had no idea a major weather event had forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights and airports in the region he had scheduled several meetings; as a result he missed his meetings, lost several days of productivity and cost the company many thousands of dollars.


AGI’s weekly PEGS or ETA reports

AGI’s PEGS and / or ETA reports will help our client companies keep its travelling employees, expats and locals informed of the most important global events on a weekly basis. Our PEGS report informs and analyzes the top political, economic, geopolitical, and security events across the globe, giving the company and all our clients the information they need to protect and inform their staff. Our ETA report is designed to help frequent travelers, expats and company locals avoid the potential pitfalls of critical business travel that limit an employee’s effectiveness when traveling outside their home country. Both of these reports are delivered each Tuesday directly to the company and available for distribution in any manner the client company sees fit. AGI does not limit the number of reports which may be forwarded or accessed by any given client company.

PEGS Report

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