PEGS report, Monday March 5

Here’s a brief look at the questions we’re answering in this week’s PEGS report

  • How will the ongoing tariff conflict between Panama and Colombia affect transnational business?
  • Will planned interest rate cuts in Egypt may have an impact on foreign businesses operating in Egypt?
  • How will winter storm Emma impact operations for EU-based firms?
  • What are the geopolitical and/ or security ramifications of Russia’s gas dispute with Ukraine?
  • How will additional US sanctions on Russia affect geopolitical realities between the two countries?
  • What will increased intellectual property protections mean for businesses operating in China?
  • Will Switzerland’s place at the top of financial secrecy rankings impact foreign firms?
  • Will there be any economic fallout from Japan’s RECEP negotiations?
  • What is the current security situation in Colombia following increased AGC insurgent activity?
  • What will the geopolitical fallout from Oman’s increased relations with Iran do to the region?
  • How will the PNB bank fraud scandal impact firms operating in India?
  • What will increased ties between Cuba and Bolivia mean for international business?


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