Our physical offices are located in a 100 year old converted warehouse building just north of downtown Minneapolis. On any given day we may have a couple dozen people working here and twice that many dogs. Our offices are comfortable, sometimes noisy, always busy and never boring. In addition to our primary offices we have a presence in many important locations throughout the world. Through our many years of collective experience we have developed contacts, contractors and affiliated persons throughout the world who give us on-the-ground and up-to-the-minute information allowing us to offer our clients the best possible actionable information.

AGI occupies a very unique space in the global intelligence community. First, we limit our activities to researching, analyzing and writing global intelligence reports. We don’t offer physical security services, we aren’t distracted by constantly evolving cyber-security threats, we aren’t a “Think Tank” seeking to develop or influence policy and / or policymakers opinions and we are completely non-partisan with absolutely no ideological agenda or political predisposition to our findings. Also, of great importance, unlike almost all governmental agencies, we make recommendations and give our clients actionable information they can rely on as accurate, up-to-date and informative. Additionally, while we are capable of focusing on any specific country or geographic region of the world, we are not singularly focused on just one place. We have the knowledge, breadth of experience and expertise to get your company the information it needs; no matter where that need is.

Yes and No! Once your company has purchased either a SIR Report or a Custom Report you own it and can do with it what you wish; including sharing it with anyone you choose. If your company is a weekly or monthly report client (PEGS, ETA or M3R) it may be distributed to anyone within your company that shares the same domain name as the client company. Our weekly and monthly reports may not be shared with other companies or individuals who are not employed by your company.

Yes. Once your company purchases a report you will have access to your History and be able to pull up all AGI reports you have previously ordered. Additionally, if you are a PEGS or ETS client you will have access to all our archived weekly and monthly reports to view at any time.

The two weekly reports (PEGS & ETA) are delivered electronically every Tuesday morning. The monthly report is delivered electronically on the third Monday of each month for the following month. The SIR Reports are purchased on the Reports page of the website and electronically delivered within 72 hours of your order. Our Custom Reports are delivered at a time and in a manner determined by your company, in collaboration with our Analysts.

Absolutely! We never require long term contracts with our scheduled reports (weekly or monthly). We hope the value our reports provide keep your organization as a client for a very long time; however, if you wish to cancel you may do so at any time without penalty.

If your topic of interest is generic and would be of interest to multiple clients we would certainly consider adding it to our list. If your topic requires specific research or is specialized enough that few clients would need the information we would provide you with a Custom Report tailored specific to your company needs.

Our SIR reports are specifically meant to cover a wide range of the most in-demand topics ordered by many of our clients. While each SIR Report is updated with the most recent information prior to delivery, they are pre-written and available to anyone. This keeps your costs down and allows for the fastest delivery times.

First, start with the report(s) you wish to order. You may start on either the Reports page of the Website dedicated to the specific report you wish to order or the Order page. Once on the Order page you’ll fill out the easy-to-understand instructions and your report(s) will be on their way to your inbox. If you wish to order a Custom Report please contact one of our AGI Analysts directly. You may call Nick Skapyak – Senior Director, Global Intelligence in our United States Headquarters at 612-845-9783.

Unless you call us during the few hours no one is in the office you’ll never get a recording at AGI. We are a team of real people assisting real people in companies that have important intelligence needs. Every one of our Custom Reports projects begins with an actual person-to-person consultation and the analyst assigned to your project is always just a phone call away. We enjoy “talking shop”. If you have a question, a comment, an idea, or just find what we do fascinating, call us. You’ll get a real live person who is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and wants to provide exceptional service.

AGI is just the right size and offers a range of services perfectly positioned to help almost any size company. For small companies simply exploring the opportunity to sell to a specific country, our SIR reports are priced low enough that even the smallest companies can afford them. On the other hand, even a multi-billion dollar corporation with thousands of employees and operations in 150 countries could benefit from our Custom Reports when their internal Intelligence Division is overtaxed and focused on other priorities. We currently serve as the global intelligence “overflow” option for a multi-billion dollar corporation with a dedicated global intelligence internal team. Regardless of your company’s size, it is likely AGI has a solution that is perfect for your needs, even if on a periodic basis.

We believe AGI solutions and reports are very inexpensive compared to alternatives; alternatives such as the expense of not having the information AGI can provide to assist your company leaders in some of the biggest decisions they may have to make.

Our weekly reports will keep your company executives, managers, decision makers, traveling salespeople, expats and others up-to-date on many of the most important events taking place at any given time on a global basis; all for only a few hundred dollars a week. How expensive is that compared with potentially losing or gaining a large client account in another country or region because your company knew how to proactively address an issue prior to it causing a major disruption?

Our SIR and Custom Reports may allow your company to save hundreds of thousands of dollars or more by better informing and preparing executive decision makers on the most important information they need to properly evaluate all aspects of a major decision prior to committing major corporate resources. We believe our services offer significant value at a very competitive price.

Maybe, but probably not. First, what is your primary business? Are your company’s valuable resources devoted to global intelligence research and analysis? We can become your company’s global intelligence division. This is all we do. Each and every one of our devoted team of researchers and analysts spend their entire waking, professional hours singularly focused on knowing everything there is to know about global intelligence matters. Additionally, while we do take advantage of certain open source material, much of our information is gleaned from proprietary sources at home and abroad in the locations you may have the most interest in. Even if your company could do this yourselves, the time and expense devoted to utilizing your own resources to provide information we can provide in a more comprehensive, detailed and timely manner make AGI a great and economical choice.

In general AGI writes four types of reports; weekly, monthly, SIR and Custom. Our weekly reports rely on brand new information each and every week as the world evolves, events change and the priority of various topics shift. Our M3R reports provide a glance into the future and must be customized each month as world events develop and become more relevant. Our SIR reports are stock reports, which allows us to keep their costs down; however, each and every SIR report is reviewed and updated with the most current information prior to being sent to each client. This is why each report takes up to 72 hours to reach your inbox. Our Custom Reports are exactly that. Every AGI Custom Report is written from the first to the last word to specifically meet the unique needs of every one of our clients.

With the exception of a possible contract to outline the deliverables on a specific project, AGI never requires long term contracts. Even with our weekly reports, your company can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. We are focused at all times on providing your company with significant value. That is how we build and retain our client base.

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