Case Study: Decision Making


No time or resources for in-depth research

A client’s recent expansion into Central & South America made distribution from their current facility costly in terms of both time and money. Ideally, they would like to expand their fulfillment operations to a country closer to these new markets. Additionally, they are concerned as to whether one distribution facility or two would be required to handle the expected demand.


Where to place the facility

Several countries, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama, have been discussed as potential locations for a new fulfillment center(s); however, the individuals making the decision have conflicting information on the economic and security situations in each country; two conditions of great importance to the company’s executives. They are also concerned about tariff and tax implications and realize they are different for each of the countries they are considering. Moreover, the limited information they do have does not include the intellectual property protections in each country and, given the flurry of activity surrounding the recent expansion, the company does not have the experience or personnel resources to devote to the research necessary to make an informed decision. The executives realize they need help and value objective information from a team of analysts far more knowledgeable and experienced than they are.


AGI’s Strategic Intelligence Report

Our Strategic Intelligence Reports (SIR) offer the ideal solution to this client’s challenges by offering an easy to understand, yet comprehensive, profile of potential areas of concern. SIR Reports are generally ready within 72 hours of order and equip decision makers with in-depth information that assess the potential risks for a specific country and / or region.

Should the company only need to assess the economic risks in a given country, SIR reports are available on a category-specific basis. If a company is seeking to assess the level of risk an entire country presents, our general risk assessment covers all seven distinct categories, giving decision makers the information they need to make an informed decision. AGI’s SIR reports offer great value as they are prepared based on the newest, best information germane to the topics the company is interested in, without the additional expense of a custom report.

Situation Monitoring

Protecting Employees