Data Sovereignty and the Future of Citizenship

When Vietnam’s government voted to pass a cybersecurity law on June 12, objections were raised both inside and outside the country; objections largely  centered around the government’s tightening grip on social media and its stifling effect on free speech. In addition, the new cybersecurity bill includes a provision that requires foreign Internet firms operating in … Continue reading “Data Sovereignty and the Future of Citizenship”

What’s in a name: Three recent name changes on the Global Stage

IHOP wasn’t the only international name change met with controversy last week. When Greece and the country formerly known as Macedonia agreed to a name change (to North Macedonia), citizens in both countries protested, illustrating the complex emotions behind what a name. How a country goes about changing its name is as varied as why … Continue reading “What’s in a name: Three recent name changes on the Global Stage”

G7 Drama & Hot Button Issues

If stereotypes were to prevail, Canada’s turn at the group’s annual presidency should have been a polite and reserved affair. The conclusion of this year’s meeting of the G7 in Charlevoix, Quebec, was one of the more contentious (and possibly exciting) in recent history; a meeting that adjourned raising more questions regarding the future of … Continue reading “G7 Drama & Hot Button Issues”

Economic Intelligence and Australian Wine

When Duncan Lewis, head of Australia’s Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), warned that Chinese businessmen posed a risk to Australia’s election integrity, he was acting to protect Australia’s security. While protecting Australia was his agenda, his statement, and the subsequent bill being debated in Australia’s government, had the unintended consequence of potentially costing Australian exporters millions … Continue reading “Economic Intelligence and Australian Wine”